The Attack episode 237 aired on 3 February 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.

Alex teased that he was going to interview a famous Twitch streamer later in the show. Eddie played piano with his nose, using hamburgers on the keys as incentive. He tried again with a chicken nugget, but it proved too tempting and he brained himself on the keys.


The Attack debuted its revolutionary 2.5D look, but it was nixed almost immediately since the new angle accidentally showed off the torture victim behind the podium. "The Doctor" (a sendup of Twitch streamer "DrDisrespect") stopped by the studio, but Alex kept missing him when he came by. He sped off with Rachael in the passenger seat.

Streams of the Week featured:

  • SodaPoppin, for shitting himself on stream and owning up to it.
  • NarcissaWright, for makin mad gainz on stream
  • an Esports stream, for making a Cox pun
  • Retrogaijin, for calling out someone in chat for being an idiot, and immediately finding out that person was right.
  • an unnamed streamer, who accidentally showed a picture of himself shirtless on stream when his camera froze.

Erin showed off her protest signs, which said compromising things when the camera froze with her in front of them.

The show ended with TPOTSWIC. Rachael announced that she was leaving the studio. :(

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