The Attack episode 229 aired on 11 Jan 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.


Erin drew on the screen with a magic wand and had to be stopped before she got herself in trouble.

Erin and Alex played "Awesome James Done Quick," guessing famous Jameses using props and acting.

A Gostalgia segment featured the DK Bongos, Alex and Erin played Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Erin won, because Alex is bad at games.

Hot n' Streamy featured:

  • DrDisRespect, who accidentally ate some deodorant. Alex then purposely ate some deodorant.
  • Kumite in Tennessee where during a Mortal Kombat tournament, someone put the PS4 into rest mode.
  • Games Done Quick, where there was controversy over someone sniffing a chair (he totally wasn't though).

The show ended with TPOTSWIC.

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