"Bring it on, punk ass bitch!"
The Attack episode 204 aired on 14 Oct 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Saige Ryan.


"Subasaurus" was retired and replaced by Jerry Dynfeld, a comedian dinosaur who likes to work his right-wing agenda into his comedy. At the end of his first set, Mike found the act so funny that he stabbed Liz to death and bathed in her blood. At the end of his second set, Blythe met the same fate.

Joey presented an Attack On Paper Mario Color Smash review.


Alex and Saige competed in "Paper Mike-O," where they painted Mike and Eddie like Mario and Luigi. Saige used a paintbrush, Alex used an inflatable hammer.

In a "This Was a Thing" segment, Socker Boppers were reviewed. Alex tried to get Saige and Coral to fight with Socker Boppers, but they weren't interested. However, when Coral said that she'd probably hurt Saige anyway, it was on like Donkey Kong and the battle began! The stunt was sponsored by Loot Crate.

After the fight, Alex and Saige answered TPOTSWIC questions.

This was Liz and Blythe's last show, and the show was closed out with a fan-made tribute video to them and to Mike Rotondo, Intern Kevin, and Sarah Atwood Sarine, who also were leaving that day.


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