"I did draw a penis. It's gonna happen many more times on many more shows."
The Attack episode 202 aired on 10 October 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Megan Lee Joy.

A clip of Corrado's head shave from the previous episode was played, and Corrado played a video he took of his wife the first time she saw the results!

Subasaurus returned to call out subs!


Alex played the "original" boot screens for several consoles.

After a Pile video of some guys making a blimp blow its horn, Alex warned of the dangers of distracting a blimp driver. He had a flashback to Grandpappy Corea and his copilot (Yaniv) lighting their blimp on fire, making this the second episode in a row to use footage of the Hindenburg disaster.


Another Pile video showed a kid named Isaiah Dennis making teleporter noises. Megan was incredulous, but when she made teleporter noises, a watermelon, Yaniv on a toilet, and Stabraham Lincoln (Jeremy) from the insane asylum appeared on set! She tried to teleport the murderer away, but instead Isaiah himself appeared (played by Mike). Everyone started making teleporter noises and Megan stabbed herself and died.

Nice Assets featured an image by Wikkawikkawhat.

The show was sponsored by Mafia 3.

Alex discussed the Discord Duel that happened in the community last weekend and plugged the one happening next weekend!

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC.

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