"Can we fire the Vice President of the company?"
The Attack episode 201 aired on 7 October 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Saige Ryan. A seamless transition from FAQ Boy Friday to The Attack was attempted, but it didn't go so well.


Alex introduced a new member of the team to call out subs, Subasaurus (voiced by Yaniv)! Subasaurus's whole family is dead.

A clip of Jason's shaving and Corrado's escape from shaving from the previous episode was played, followed by a look at the #Cowardo tag on Twitter as a result. Alex said that he and Corrado would have a competition to see who got their hair shaved today, but Corrado gave up and allowed them to shave him. Joey's sister Tori, who is a professional hair stylist, was on hand to do the job. The style of Corrado's hair was left up to a vote among the viewers.

Mike came by and said that the best thing about being heavy is breaking things, like a glass table, the Titanic, and the Hindenburg.

The results of the vote were in, and since the top two were so close, they were combined: cul-de-sac and troll doll!


After a strange 7-11 commercial played in The Pile, Saige asked Alex if he wanted to get some coffee, and lo and behold, there was a 7-11 in the Attack studio - complete with bleeding homeless guy (Mike). Alex tried to get away from the bit, but Saige held him at gunpoint and poured coffee down his shirt.

The show was sponsored by Dollar Shave Club.

Nice Assets featured video edits by Effi Zim (Transpegers) and Jason_Woot.

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC and Corrado's blindfold was removed, much to his horror!

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