Alex: "Since she's a girl she's just thinking about boys and periods."
Saige: "So. True."
The Attack episode 198 aired on 23 September 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Saige Ryan. Instead of beginning with the usual video cold-open and teases, the show began with a clip from last week's Eddie v. Spaghetti stunt, and Alex announced another round! This time he faced off against bowtie pasta! He managed to eat it all within 30 seconds, but also had to face the panel of judges: Axel Guarnaschelli (Amy), Gurt Fratetti (Kevin), and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti (Los). Eddie won, but then he died.


The bbws protein clip was played again.

Alex called out KevCap to read the teleprompter and they got into a fight since he was too good at it.

After a Pile video of a girl making fun of her friends with the "huh challenge," Saige did the huh challenge on several crew members. It got too real when she got to Joey and Nick, but she redeemed herself when she called Corrado old.

Alex and Saige talked about their awkward adolescence.

Eddie crawled across the set on a furniture cart for some reason.

The show thanked Countryman Associates for audio equipment.


The first ever "This Was A Thing" segment reviewed and demoed Moon Shoes! Alex and Saige competed in an obstacle course, Alex with the Moon Shoes and Saige without. Saige finished the course like a pro, but Alex shot himself into the sun when he jumped on a trampoline with the Moon Shoes.

TPOTSWIC followed.

In Hey, Thanks, they thanked Tilt215 for SDI cables. Saige punched Alex as per tradition.