"That was supposed to be funny but I feel weird now."
The Attack episode 195 aired on 14 September 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Kelly Link.

Alex shared stories of getting bullied by musical theater nerds.

Kelly talked about games of Gay Chicken.


Alex showed a Pile video of two guys blowing on a piece of pipe, and Kelly insisted that it was a real sport. She challenged Alex to a pipe-blowing competition, officiated by Joey. They split the first two rounds because each of them cheated. Then Alex bit into an onion to give himself a bad-breath advantage, but it didn't work because Alex was wretching from the onion.


Alex showed and commented on the Jackson Hole Town Square livestream. Then he showed off live footage from around the Attack office. A murderer kept killing people on camera and Eddie kept stealing their pizza and eating it vertically. The murderer was unmasked as Los!

The show was sponsored by Me Undies. Alex had a pants party, attended by the Pants Bro (Joey).

Joey presented a Techamendations review of WASD's CODE 61 Keyboard and their V2 Mechanical keyboard. Kelly and Alex put them to the test with an IRL version of Typing of the Dead, featuring Liz, Coral, and Mike as zombies!

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC, and Kelly punched Alex as per tradition.

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