"I probably won't be back, but it's great to see you again!" - Sara
The Attack episode 191 aired on 31 August 2016. It was hosted by Kevin Pereira and Sara Jean Underwood, since Alex died in the previous episode.

Sara talked about going back to school and finishing her degree, and getting sponsors that pay her to travel and be outdoors.

Sara gave hiking tips that were laden with accidental sexual innuendo and discussed her love of farts.


Kevin thought he heard a noise on set and discovered Curt Squirtsky, Nature Hunk (Alex) hiding and observing Sara. For science. Kevin remarked that Curt looked a lot like Alex, but he denied it. Curt pretended to be bitten by a snake so that Sara would help, but Kevin beat him with a baseball bat until he ran away.

Sara discussed her experience going to Japan for G4 and running the Ninja Warrior course.

There was a knock at the door from Detective Drip Nipley (Alex), busting the show for showing footage that NBC owns. It was another thinly-veiled effort to grope Sara that went wrong for him and he left.

Sara and Kevin discussed the Star Wars Car Wash bit from Attack of the Show, her obsession with Kevin James, and her Bustice costume.

There was another knock at the door, this time from the Incredibulge (Alex)! Kevin quickly outed him as Alex in disguise. Alex admitted he just wanted to get a kiss from Sara but didn't know how to act. Sara agreed to a kiss, but only behind a sheet of plexiglass. Alex got so nervous that he threw up all over his side of the glass during the kiss. Sara was kinda into it and continued.

After the bit, Kevin brought Alex out to introduce him to all the new viewers as the usual host of the show. Then Kevin kissed him right on the mouth!


TPOTSWIC followed, but was interrupted by Sandeep Parikh challenging Sara to a Dangerbox! The box contained a raw chicken! After more TPOTSWIC questions, Sandeep brought out another Dangerbox for Sara that contained a puppy! The last Dangerbox contained a fake spider on a stick and it was hilarious!

The show closed out with everyone playing Urban Pictionary and Sara punched Alex, as per tradition.

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