"You are the most solid man I've ever touched." -Alex
The Attack episode 190 aired on 29 August 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Ify Nwadiwe. Because of a typo, chat began typing "Shits fired" instead of "Shots fired," which became an Attack meme.

The show's intro was replaced with a special "Attackle" intro.


Alex mentioned a viral video of a guy masturbating into a McChicken sandwich. When Ify saw the video, he got very upset because that McChicken sandwich was his girlfriend! The McChicken (voiced by Mike) stopped by the set to visit Alex since he was the one in the video. Then Alex got arrested by a cop (Intern Kevin) because the McChicken was really just a McNugget.

Alex showed off the horror games he'd made, like "Alan Waking Up To Get To Work On Time" and "Taking Responsibility For Your Actions."

TPOTSWIC followed.

It was time for The Attackle! Alex tried to escape by giving Ify the slip with a salami hand and imprisoning him to dance to "Gettin Jiggy With It." Los hunted him down and carried him back to the studio. The Attackle promo video was played.

Kevin came out to host the main event! Alex again tried to escape, but was stopped by some hired muscle. Mike sang the national anthem poorly while dressed in drag. Then he sang the Mexican "national anthem," Suavemente. In Round One of the Attackle, Los charged Alex with the football and Alex was tasked with stopping him. It went poorly for Alex. In Round Two, a football was tossed to Alex and Los tackled him. It went even more poorly for Alex. Alex died. A memorial video for Alex played.


Since Alex was dead, Kevin said he had to cancel the show. The crew objected, so Kevin decided that he would host the show on Wednesday instead, and since he needed a cohost he called Sara Jean Underwood to host with him!

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