"I was going for what I thought was the tame joke of 'he ate the child.'"
The Attack episode 187 aired on 22 August 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Jake Kanner ("Sir Action Slacks").


Inspired by a Pile video, Slacks tried to spit grapes into Alex's mouth. The he got Alex to spit a grape into his mouth. Then they both took a bite out of the same apple at the same time. Then Alex ate a whole banana in one bite.

Alex made a Jesus joke that Jeremy found to be over the line, which is very difficult to do.


Alex called on Mike to do a dance on set, but as he was, Mike's voice could be heard cheering from behind the camera. Disturbed that there were two Mikes, Alex held them both at gunpoint. Both insisted they were the real Mike, but Alex killed them both for being fakes as the "real" Mike (Corrado dressed as Mike) ermerged. "Corrado" (Mike dressed as an old man with a cane) told "Mike" he didn't have to rub goo on himself anymore and they shared a moment.

Joey presented a Techamendations review of the Razer Naga Hex v.2 mouse. Alex played a moba to see if the mouse made him better at mobas. Whenever he took a hit he was shocked. Then Slacks competed against Alex in a shitposting competition, which he won because of the mouse's macros.

Nice Assets featured art by Mokka and a video edit by Skataneric.

XPrim3 was thanked for sending a t-shirt to Alex.

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC. During the segment, community member Deagil asked about Los' $10K goal to tackle Alex that he announced in Discord. Deagil suggested that it be lowered to $5000 and Alex said OK. Deagil then donated $5000. The tackle was set for Friday's show! (It was later moved to episode 190.)

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