"I have a perfectly good vagina! Why do we need a plan B?"
The Attack episode 182 aired on 3 August 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Anna Lore.


Anna was on a sugar high and jumped on Alex's back like a madwoman.

Alex played the now-famous Jennifer Murphy "I Want to be Ninja" video. Morgan Jay ("the guy who writes all of her songs") stopped by the studio and sang more racist songs. He also sang a song about bad woman drivers and Alex kicked him off the set. As he was having a realization about the error of his ways, Anna ran over Joey with a car somehow.


♪♫"Why don't you let me lick your butthole?"♪♫

Prior to the show, Alex challenged Mayron to a race at the end of the show! The winner would get $100 from the loser and a portion of all the sub and donation money the show took in that day.

In honor of the new Alolan Pokemon, Alex showed off some of the show's other suggestions for new Pokemon.


A friendly police officer (Corrado) came by to give everyone ice cream, but when Alex refused he covered him in whipped cream and made him sit on a birthday cake (revenge for Alex doing the same to him in the previous episode). Mike and Joey both came out to eat some of the squashed cake.

In a "Pandermonium" segment, because the internet loves betting, Alex and Anna took all the money they'd saved this year ($170) and bet it on an online roulette spin. They bet on black and it turned up red. In order to save the bit (and the pandering) Anna flashed her genitals and the stream was banned.

Nice Assets featured an image by saamp and a video edit by JesTr82.

TPOTSWIC followed, and then Morgan played one of his songs while Alex changed out of his cakey clothes.

It was finally time for the race! Alex won, but only because Mayron stumbled.

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