"They called me old chest testes in high school."
The Attack episode 180 aired on 29 July 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Mackenzie Becket.


Alex was again puttin' in work in a brand new shirt but Mackenzie stole his thunder with better moves.

Coral was seated at a desk on the side of the set so she could read out comments from the Discord. She was also there as a constant reminder that they were very close to having enough subs to create a Coral emote!

Alex showed some of Mackenzie's snapchat story and she talked about her roommate and the tent in their apartment.


A "very attractive woman" (Mike) came by the set and caused a scene with Alex. She pretended to faint so she could get him in trouble, and when he bent over to check to see if she was still breathing she kissed him. Alex took Mike back behind the set to "discipline" him for failing to kiss him properly. He came back out to finish the job (This episode is known amongst the Attack Community as the "Mikaela" episode).

Alex showed Mackenzie the "end the show button" that came with the studio, but he said they'd never pressed it before. Mackenzie talked him into pressing the button, and Alex looked around the studio and saw the staff frolicking and enjoying their time off. He had an epiphany about what was really important in life, but then a donation came in and the staff had to kick him in the balls. It turned out it was all a vision and when he snapped out of it he got rid of the button.

The show was sponsored by Glyph external hard drives. Alex tested the speed of a Glyph hard drive transferring 6GB of data versus the speed of Eddie drinking and entire gallon of milk. Or rather he would have, but the laptop they were copying to died in the middle of the bit.

Nice Assets featured a Ninja Gaiden edit by HunterUp and a Justin Bieber edit by jason_woot.

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC.

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