"Do you find that attractive?" -Alex
"Diving into that fish?" -Sonja
The Attack episode 178 aired on 25 July 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Sonja Reid. Sonja punched Alex in the face with a donut after a $1000 donation JRic1995 came in.

Alex discussed the new Pokemon Go Team Leaders and said they looked a lot better than the "rough drafts."

A $1000 donation from Deagil also came in!


Alex played a clip from last week when Sonja pulled a fast one on him and challenged her to another Canada-Off! In the first round Alex and Sonja mounted their "mooses" (Joey and Mike) and shot Tim Horton's donuts into a hockey goal. Corrado officiated. Sonja won this round, because of course she did.

Alex accidentally insulted Sonja and Kevin came out to discipline him with a slap to the face. Then Alex tried to take a bite out of the side of a whole fish for some reason, but couldn't get through its skin. Deagil donated another $500 for Alex to like the fish's eyeball.


Future Alex and Future Sonja!

Alex and Sonja from the future came by the set! They looked pretty rough for only being 5 years older.

In the second round of the Canada-off, they put on as many "Canadian tuxedos" as possible and stuffed the pockets with Keystone Light, then did "Double-Double Double Dutch"). Sonja won again, obviously.

Nice Assets featured a video by jason_woot.

TPOTSWIC followed. Zack Pearlman randomly showed up and slapped Alex with the fish for another donation.

The final round of the Canada-Off was supposed to be bobbing for Timbits in a tub of maple syrup. Sonja did Alex dirty yet again and held his face under the syrup!

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