"...All Australian men are hot uncircumsized pieces of ass that everyone wants to get their hands all over." - Alex
The Attack episode 177 aired on 23 July 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Ali Baker. This was the fifth show that week!


Alex began the show in a rage, smashing electronics with a bat since it seems to get better views than when he tries to make the show. Ali had a Dumpster Kitten and reminded him that people like cats, too. The Festival Gollum (Mike Rotondo) stole the kitten!

A Pile video showed a Polish guy at a festival that looked and acted just like Gollum. Alex said there's a Gollum at every festival, and one of them hangs out at the studio. The Festival Gollum came out and was disgusting. He begged for something to drink, but was offended by all the sugar in the Kool-Aid they gave him and stormed off.


The real Festival Gollum

After a few more videos, Ali's cell phone went off and the music summoned the Festival Gollum again. He ate from an ashtray, but then was offended by the high-fuctose corn syrup in Ali's cereal and left again.

Green Light District featured:

  • Kick Him
  • Totally Accurate Battle Sim
  • VR Moster [sic] and Zombie Simulator
  • Bring Her Home
  • Chair Simulator

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC and Alex rolled around in filth with the Festival Gollum.

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