"I'm a man! I've also already been emasculated to the extent that could ever happen."
The Attack episode 175 aired on 21 July 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Ali Baker.

There was a big sub train at the beginning of the show, and Alex said that if they hit 20 subs then Corrado would eat a 3 foot meatball sub at the end of the show!

Alex tried to throw a Dumpster Kitten through a window but instead just slammed it into the studio door and killed it.


In honor of McDonald's letting people design burgers on their website, Alex designed burgers of his own. Ali called the bit a "McSteak" (get it?) and the whole staff cheered for her.

In the Household Cosplay Hustle, Alex and Ali had to quickly design costumes of famous characters using household objects. Coral and Joey assisted them and Zack Pearlman judged the competition. Ali won hands down.


Nice Assets featured an image by JesTr82 and a video by jason_woot. The show closed out with TPOTSWIC while Corrado ate his 3 foot sub!

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