"I'm real cheesed right now."
The Attack episode 173 aired on 18 July 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Sarah Atwood Sarine.


Alex dressed the set up fancy-like for Sarah, with flowers and wine.

Jon Carnage stopped by and immediately destroyed Alex's set decorations in his excitement to be on the show. Alex banished Jon from the show.

A sketchy VR salesman came by, but he was quickly unmasked as Jon Carnage in disguise! Jon destroyed the set again, and Alex was super cheesed.

Alex showed videos of mobs of people in New York playing Pokemon Go. A very enthusiastic Pokemon Go player came by the studio, but it was Jon in disguise again! He destroyed the set a third time. Alex wanted to take him out back and shoot him, but he begged for a chance to redeem himself, so Alex let him do a segment on the show.


In Jon Carnage's Wild World of Wrestling (which had some killer graphics), Jon showed videos of people getting injured while wrestling and other weirdness. Alex was super cheesed, so he challenged Jon to Sega Genesis wrestling. Alex won and Jon tackled him.

Nice Assets featured videos by jason_woot and Fresh23. #CoralHype was never higher.

Jon came back for TPOTSWIC and apologized to the TV that he smashed in The Attackees. Sarah punched Alex as per tradition.

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