"I think it's two frigid lesbians...."


Nikki tries to tolerate Alex.

The Attack episode 172 aired on 15 July 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Nikki Limo.

Kevin held a strawpoll in chat to vote on which Pokemon Go team he should join.

Nikki talked about smacking her younger brother around when they were kids.

In a segment called Pokemon Go-gurt, Alex tried to improve Yogurtland's Mario-themed flavors. He called in Professor Bloat (Mike) to help him concoct Pokemon-themed ice cream. For each $100 donated, they'd spin the wheel and eat whatever flavor it said. Since Nikki is a vegan, she was exempt! Flavors eaten included:

  • Tentacool Hentaicecream
  • Ash Ketchup w/ Mank-aise
  • Miltank's Beef Blizzard

Alex and Nikki played Urban Pictionary with Kevin and Zack Pearlman! They drew in 3D using an HTC Vive.


The show closed out with TPOTSWIC and Deagil dropped a fat $2000 on the stream.

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