"Oh no! He's squattin'! He's squattin'! He's squattin'! AAAAAAH I'm a little baby boy!"
The Attack episode 171 aired on 15 July 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Ify Nwadiwe.

Ify began Gettin Ify With It and did so often.


Ify squatted Alex.

In "Corrado's Kitty Co-Op Workout Corner," Corrado showed us how to curl kittens, but accidentally squeezed to hard and crushed one to death.

Just like a CBS news story from The Pile, Alex brought in a knockoff 3D rendered Broke-emon, Charles-zard. A few of his broken pals came by (all voiced by Mike), and Charles-zard had his way with Corrado and made his head explode.


In the first ever Gostalgia segment (here called Nostalgia Gostalgia), Alex and Ify discussed (and played) Contra for NES. Zack Pearlman joined them to discuss TMNT4: Turtles in Time for SNES and Double Dribble for NES. Corrado defended Double Dribble, but it was in vain.


Nice Assets featured videos by Carlos Apricio and JimDeezy.

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC.

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