"That is a finely shorn pubis!"
The Attack episode 170 aired on Tuesday, 12 July 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Ali Baker. The staff was piloting the idea of running the show 4 days a week.

Alex and Ali discussed Amazon Prime Day and would be exploring Amazon deals in "Into The Amazone" segments. Optimus Prime Day (Corrado's voice, Liz's body) came by the set to deliver some Amazon purchases for the show to review (and also the anal bleach pens that Alex ordered).


The first product tested was Shittens, disposable mitten-shaped wet wipes. Alex and Ali cleaned a nasty windshield (and Mike's juggalo makeup), Alex with Shittens and Ali with toilet paper. Optimus Prime Day judged Alex the winner.

Alex and Ali discussed the new Overwatch character Ana.


The next product Optimus Prime Day brought was the Wine Rack, a bra insert that holds beverages. Ali wore one while Alex wore a "homemade version." They raced drinking while jumping on trampolines. Ali was the clear winner.

Nice Assets featured edits by jason_woot and jnels123.

TPOTSWIC followed.

The final product tested was the Goatee Saver. Ali shaved Intern Kevin using the Goatee Saver while Alex shaved Jeremy freestyle. Ali was again judged the winner. Alex cut Jeremy's lip rather badly (for real this time) and Optimus Prime Day carted him to the ER.

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