"Here comes the big one! LAND HO!"
The Attack episode 169 aired on 11 July 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Anna Lore.

Evanne's emote was removed prior to this episode and she was edited out of the show's intro. For more information on her depature, see her page.


Anna did a George W. Bush impression, and Alex did his Johnny Carson.

Alex cut a video of an awkward guy at Summer Games Done Quick and set it to Smooth Criminal.

Anna said that she never works without a butt cam. She bent over to give the butt cam, "Camera 5," a good view, but the view was.... less than good (it was Mike in a dress). Anna proceeded to take her dress off. Camera 5 showed several foreign objects falling out from where Anna had... stored.... them. After dropping keys, balloons, a full cake, and other things, Intern Wes emerged. Anna and Wes shared a moment.


Green Light District featured:

  • Crispy Chicken
  • Fahrjevic
  • Milkshake
  • Grumpy's Farts: Climb Racing

Jason's belief in chemtrails was mentioned, which would be elaborated on much later. Kevin randomly showed up and beat the hell out of Alex with a foam noodle.

Nice Assets featured an image by SquirtleSpaceProgram that featured a joke from LDIOTT episode 3 and a video by JesTr82. Anna then beat Alex with the foam noodle for mispronouncing her name for like the hundredth time.

TPOTSWIC followed. Dumpster kittens Whiplash and Bonesaw made another appearance.

In a Hey, Thanks segment, they thanked Christopher Ford for an HDMI/SDI converter. Anna punched Alex in the dick, as was ordained by a donation from Deagil.

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