"I forgot you're all kill-yourselfy."
The Attack episode 168 aired on 8 July 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Mackenzie Becket.


Mackenzie getting ready for the show!

The show restarted twice before they got rolling. There was a knife in the door for some reason.

Alex announced Games Done Slick, a take-off of Games Done Quick where he and Makenzie would compete in various slippery competitions. The slipperiness was supplied by the Lube Lizard (Mike). Alex won the first competition: Guitar Hero.

Liz was briefly shown bottle-feeding one of the Dumpster Kittens that were found outside the studio the day before.

Alex tried out Pokemon Go for the first time, during which he stabbed and threw a hammer at Yaniv (who probably died), and caused Mike to get run over by a truck driven by Jeremy.


Bonesaw the Dumpster Kitten

Makenzie left the set to go play Pokemon Go while Alex presented an "Assault on Internet" opinion piece about CS:GO skins trading. Then he apologized for offending anyone while holding a dumpster kitten.

Nice Assets featured a video by HunterUp.

TPOTSWIC followed. Deagil sent Alex a bunch of business cards and a t-shirt that had his herpes billboard graphic on them.

The show closed out with a Games Done Slick version of Wii Tennis, and Alex swam in lube with the Lube Lizard.

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