Ali: "You guys are into some weird shit."
The Attack episode 167 aired on 6 Jul 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Ali Baker.

Inspired by a Pile video of a girl eating 150 Chicken McNuggets on stream, and by Twitch's addition of the Social Eating category, The Attack challenged Eddie to eat 150 Chicken McNuggets on stream! There was a donation incentive to spin a "wheel of sauce" for different dips.


Eddie had an especially hard time with the malt vinegar.

In honor of a YouTube video of a dude diving into a pool of Coke, Yaniv dove into a pile of coke! Then he stabbed a bear to death.

Green Light District featured:

  • Blister
  • Beanie in da Garden
  • Moles

Eddie made some headway on the nugs when the selected dip was honey, but hit another wall when horseradish came up. Then cheese was next, but Alex mixed it with the horseradish. Eddie was displeased.

Nice Assets featured a video by jason_woot that featured Coral. Coral was put on camera several times because it's funny when Coral is uncomfortable!


TPOTSWIC followed. Eddie tapped out at 60 nugs. Liz jumped in to show Eddie how it's done.

Chat demanded that Ali punch Alex as per tradition, and she punched him in the face!

Alex promoted Mostly Harmless and showed a clip from What's News.

Liz made it to 41 nugs in about 1/3 of the time it took Eddie to eat 60, because Liz is a boss.

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