"I have so much of another human's hair on my hands."

The Attack episode 166 aired on 1 July 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Anna Lore.


In honor of Twitch's new cheering system, The Attack created a "fears" system, where viewers would be able to donate to have staff member's fears come true. Since Mike's fear is losing his beard, donations would go toward it being shaved off by none other than Don Lasagna! Don made reference to Mike breaking a pinky promise to Kevin on yesterday's LDIOTT, which may account for his being subjected to this.

Anna punched Alex several times for saying her name wrong. "It's spelled like Anna but pronounced like 'Onna' because I'm high maintenance."

Alex tried and failed to suck up a whole custard in one go. Then he kept eating the pieces.

Anna talked about how much she loves the Cheesecake Factory. Physically.

Mike's shaving began. It was a mess.

Alex insisted that videos are funnier when a squeaky noise was added to them, but Anna didn't think the horrible violence in them was very funny.

Alex and Anna rapped Rap God while wrapping wraps. Anna did it perfectly. Don made Alex eat the wrap he made.


In The Rundown, Alex and Anna discussed:

  • MS shutting down Xbox Fitness
  • A woman won $10K in a suit against MS when Windows 10 installed itself on her computer and it stopped working
  • CS:GO is half off during the Steam Sale, but not for gifted games
  • New CoD DLC will have medieval dragons for some reason
  • Tetris movie will now be a trilogy

Alex interviewed Anna talk-show style. Then things got weird and they switched places.

Mike's head got shaved! During the shaving, they moved on to Nice Assets, where they featured an image by HunterUp and a video by jason_woot.

Deagil donated $1000 in one shot to shave Mike completely bald.