"I feel violated."
The Attack Episode 162 aired on 22 June 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann.

This episode was Evanne's final appearance as cohost.

Since the crew now sat in the fancy new Whisper Room, the fans didn't get to see them as much as before. Alex strapped a camera to Los' head to remedy the problem, but it mostly just captured him eating meatball subs. Oh and killing Joey.


Alex introduced Evanne to the world of "potato pastimes" by playing Mash Mash Revolution with her (DDR with mashed potatoes on the dance pads). The Gravy Gremlin (Mike) appeared and gravied the mats as an extra challenge. Evanne won because Alex is bad at games, but she forfeited rather than have to touch the Gravy Gremlin to be declared the winner.

In The Rundown, Alex and Evanne presented:

  • Mighty No. 9 was finally released after being Kickstarted in 2013, and was terrible. The dev said "It's still better than nothing."
  • Elon Musk's OpenAI is developing a robot to do all of your chores
  • Local Motors is 3D printing self-driving busses.
  • Sony will give Hideo Kojima total creative control of his new game

Alex exercised his total creative control over The Attack and gave a chicken a birthday party. Really.

Nice Assets featured work by Danitarhash and jason_woot.

TPOTSWIC followed (with helium voices from the chicken's birthday baloons).

In Hey, Thanks, they thanked the new subscribers, and Deagil and Jedinixon for donating money.

Alex unveiled the new digital Wall of Shame for Gamewisp patrons. This new one would display on the TVs in the background of the set during each show!

Alex did a field package from the herpes billboard from last week!

Evanne announced that she would be gone for the next two weeks and said goodbye. Her hiatus turned out to be permanent. :( For more on Evanne's departure, see her page.

Alex announced the first episode of Let's Do It On The Table was happening on the following day. Deagil donated to have Alex wrestle the Gravy Gremlin, which he did to close out the show.