"You'd be remiss if you didn't at least have a bite of my pants meat!"
The Attack episode 160 aired on 10 June 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann. Twitch was having technical issues so the show was streamed to Facebook Live instead. Alex told Evanne that Coral was talking bad about her in his earpiece and the camera quickly cut to Coral. This was the first time Coral appeared on the show. The editors recut the Asus press conference video where the Zenbo was revealed. "WOW."


Alex tried to paint a penis, but it looked exactly like a giraffe when he was done. Then he had a flashback to the time he was caught by his dad reading a giraffe magazine and his dad disowned him. The camera briefly cut to Jason working a camera. This was also the first time Jason appeared on the show.

A child (Yaniv) snuck on set to pet their dog and Alex subdued him with a stungun and beat him with a bat for his crime.

A pants barbecue restaurant owner (Ify Nwadiwe) stopped by the set to offer the hosts some of his special barbecue smoked right in his sweatpants! They tried it and it wasn't very good, so the chef (Nick) emerged from the pants to comp them dessert. This was also the first time Nick appeared on the show!

In The Rundown, Alex and Evanne presented:

  • Larry Page has been secretly funding 2 flying car startups
  • Microsoft putting Xbox One DVR feature on hold
  • E3 is next week

Alex and Evanne made predictions for E3, but they were pretty unlikely. A time traveller (Ify) came by and asked if No Man's Sky and Zelda had been released yet. Then he asked about robo-boobies.

Nice Assets featured work by jaredgbay and Skataneric.

A very fast TPOTSWIC ensued.

In Hey, Thanks, they thanked Deagil for donating lots of money.

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