The Attack episode 159 aired on 8 June 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann.

Alex announced that the show was going to put up a billboard in San Bernardino, but they needed to raise the money to pay for it.

Kevin interrupted the show to say that he didn't approve of the design and had KevCap work up an alternative. The donation goal was set at $500 for the billboard!

The incentive was met very quickly, so Kevin presented another alternative for $1000! More billboards kept being displayed, and their incentives were met immediately. Alex tried to show off a licking robot he'd made and named "Charles Lickens," but there were so many donations he couldn't get the time to talk about it so he smashed it in a fit of rage.


A final billboard that read "I HAVE HERPES" in huge letters was unveiled, and the incentive was met within seconds. As more money came in even after all the incentives were met, Kevin had the idea to use the extra money to make fliers of the billboard and hand them out at E3! Community member Deagil donated the majority of the money raised during the show.

Evanne said she was hungry and Alex have her some noodles that he'd gotten before the show but didn't get around to eating. After she'd eaten some, he showed her where they came from: a toilet with a sign that read "FREE NOODLES." An Italian chef (Corrado) ran by yelling "I ate a-too many noodles" and deposited more in the toilet... and on Alex and Evanne.

In The Rundown, Alex and Evanne discussed:

  • Blizzard teased improvements for Overwatch, including rebalancing
  • Injustice 2 leaked online from a GameStop poster

Nice Assets featured work from thetalldude08 and Jason Woot.

TPOTSWIC ensued.

The show closed out with Hey, Thanks, where they thanked FlyingQueso for AA batteries, Cobin for monitor mounts, and everyone for the over $3000 in donations received during the show!

Footage of Alex visiting the billboard was shown in Episode 162.

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