"Kyle is so cool! He's a cop killer, he brings home married women... and he sleeps while he drives!"
The Attack episode 157 aired on 1 June 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann. The show started an hour late because of an internet problem at the studio.


Alex touted the benefits of sleeping while driving. PA Kyle drove a 4-wheeler to the grocery store and then home while sleeping. He was pursued by a policeman who was also sleeping, but gave him the slip with a banana peel.

Corrado started loudly grunting while working out. Then he grunted while stapling, collating, making coffee, and clearing a printer paper jam. The exertion (and his advanced age) killed him, as verified by a doctor (Jeremy).


Alex showed that opera music and slow motion can make anything more dramatic, including Eddie dropping a hot dog and Yaniv being killed by giant Jenga falling on him.

Alex invited T-Pain to the studio, and tried to entice him with free drinks and funny hats.

Alex introduced his puppy Sebastian to the set again, but Corrado came out and said that instead of him playing the part, he got a new dog! (Big Mike G). The new dog roughed Alex up, smeared peanut butter on him, and carried him off set.

Nice Assets featured images by JesTr82 and a video by Rop_Tamen. TPOTSWIC ensued.

In Hey, Thanks they thanked the following:

  • St3althhawk, for BNC connectors
  • Shimokaji, for RAM and CPU cooler
  • Anonymous donors, for SDI converters and other gear

The show ended with more Sebastian the Puppy hijinks.

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