"We don't normally do things that are good on the show."
The Attack episode 156 aired on 27 May 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann.

Alex showed off his new puppy Sebastian (Corrado Caretto in a dog suit). Sebastian licked peanut butter off of Alex's fingers (and other parts!). Then Alex brought Corrado back out and showed him B roll of Alex rubbing his fingers on all sorts of gross surfaces.

The Attack revealed new hot chest hair-related merch for the summer, including the he-kini. Evanne shaved Mike's back with peanut butter as shaving cream.

Evanne had a bunch of Skittles and large veggies in her mouth until she was told to spit them out. Alex juggled some of them.

Alex introduced the Carny Games, a series of stunts including the Syringe Toss, the Toilet Unclogging Challenge, and Stab the Rat. Alex stabbed Jeremy to complete Stab the Rat, and a police officer (Yaniv) came by to say that was awesome.

In The Rundown, Evanne and Alex discussed:
  • Microsoft is banning the use of common passwords on their accounts
  • No Man's Sky delayed again, at least until July and August

Nice Assets featured a photoshop by Squirtle Space Program and a video by Jotate12.

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC, and the new Whisper Room was showed off! Also, it was Mayron's birthday!
Whisper Room01:42

Whisper Room

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