"Everything that makes me feel has to die."
The Attack episode 152 aired in 16 May 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann. It was the first episode from the show's new studio!

The show opened with a prerecorded intro that detailed what everyone had been up to over the past 5 weeks. Alex ran around like a child in the new studio. Evanne was pregnant and drunk and sleeping in a dumpster.

There was also a new show intro with new music.

Alex and Evanne discussed the 5-week hiatus while they were moving studios. Alex talked about his "vacation." Evanne asked why there was a weird door on the set and Alex explained that was where guests will enter. Then he opened the door and Sonja "OMGitsFirefoxx" Reid came through it!


Kevin appeared as a "set piece" holding a sign that read "Days since Alex Disappointed Kevin."

In a "new segment" called Oh Snap, Stella the Snapchat Delivery Woman (Sonja) showed one of Kevin's snapchats and then had to erase herself.

A Pile video showed Glenn Beck putting Cheeto dust on his face to look like Donald Trump, and Evanne rigged up a better application method. Joey shot Cheetos at Alex with a leafblower, but missed and hit Evanne. Alex said he'd rather use chocolate face in cosplaying.

Winners of a giveaway of pieces of the old set were TurtleToots, TheDirtyDer, Seltzer43, DocLinds, PanickedMT and HurricaneSugar.

Alex and Sonja demoed the HTC Vive on stream, the first ever VR co-op to be streamed (they think).

Alex presented a Techamendations review of the August Smart Lock v2. Then he tested it by using it to get away from a vicious attack dog. Joey activated the lock too early and it disqualified him, so the dog got to have its way with him.

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