"I just showed my dick!"
"That's alright, they didn't see much!"
The Attack episode 143 aired on 23 March 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann. The show began with a precut intro of Evanne being escorted to prison by Officer Corrado. Alex announced that later today she would finally pay for her crimes against the show.

Alex recapped the goings-on in The Azzack and unveiled the attkDripWet emote designed by Mokka.


Liz got caught trying to take an upskirt of Alex. Then Alex dropped a bunch of stuff from the skirt that he was "storing" up there and accidentally flashed his penis. It wasn't on camera, but Evanne and the whole crew got a show!

Alex and Evanne competed in the Super Sour Power Hour and ate limes, lemons, cider vinegar, umeboshi (Japanese sour plums), atomic warheads, and warheads covered in pure malic acid crystals. A donation incentive of $500 was set for them to eat anchovies covered in malic acid crystals.

In The Rundown, Alex and Evanne discussed:

  • A rumor that Nintendo would limit Wii U production ahead of the launch of the NX (Switch)
  • Leaked photos of a Microsoft event with scantily clad women dancing
  • Google making a 3rd party keyboard for iOS

The donation incentive was met, and Alex and Evanne had sour anchovies with Liz, Mike, and KevCap! Troy Baker stopped by the studio for another project and was on hand to commentate KevCap's fish!

TPOTSWIC followed, and afterward Officer Corrado escorted Evanne to her trial.

A southern lawyer (Kevin) presented evidence that Evanne knowingly double-shocked Corrado in Episode 137. Evanne was given the opportunity to sing her defense but it was insufficient and she was shocked! She was also punished for disabling a shock collar to get out of a shock and for slapping Alex. Alex tried to force Evanne to eat a sour fish, but she took the shock collar off and went up to Alex and slapped him.

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