"I'm gonna repeat that tounge action over and over. The ladies are just drip wet from it!" - Alesssandra
The Attack episode 141 aired on 16 March 2016. It was hosted by Zack Pearlman and Alessandra Torresani. Zack had hijacked the show from Alex while he was at South By Southwest. Los was out too, so KP was on the 1s and 2s.

A special recut all-Zack intro played, and Zack announced some "special Azzack merch" in the store.



A donation incentive of $500 was set to remove an emote and replace it with attkZack.

Alessandra described what was happening on the show in a death metal voice.


Vin-Diesel-mort (Corrado) stopped by after a Harry Potter-themed Pile video, but Zack was completely appalled by the character and took Corrado into "The Caring Corner." He told Corrado that he was worth more than his muscles and Corrado seemed to have a breakthrough until he saw himself in the mirror and embraced his muscles again.


Alessandra objectified herself with sexual food and Zack took her to The Caring Corner, too. She seemed to get the message, but then looked at herself in the mirror and reaffirmed her love of having sex with food.

There was a bit where Zack was supposed to eat a cheese-covered sock, but he refused. Kevin took him to the Careless Corner and berated him. Zack looked in the mirror and decided that he was young and Kevin is old.


TPOTSWIC followed. Alessandra said that if the donation incentive was reached, she would also get a new emoticon and Zack said he'd take a shock. Zack took himself to the Caring Corner and talked to himself via splitscreen. He decided violence is fine.

Zack played clips from his and Alessandra's movie "Wiped Out" (featuring Blythe and Mike) which was suspiciously similar to "Sausage Party," only with anthropomorphic wet wipes. Then he offered to sing a song for each donor, and every one of them was about poo.

Zack closed out the show by taking himself to the Caring Corner to talk about how poorly the show went.

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