The VOD of this episode has several minutes missing from the beginning.

"Oh, it's sticky! It's sticky! It's sticky!"
The Attack episode 140 aired on 11 March 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Alessandra Torresani.

The running donation incentive was $100 for an encounter with the Dangerbox! A mystery item would be placed inside the box, and then one of our hosts would be blindfolded and have to put their hand in the box to identify it. Alessandra's first turn was with crickets! Alex's first turn was mousetraps!

Alex told a story about hitting Los' neighbor's car.


Alex set up a Superhot IRL challenge in the studio! The enemy didn't play by the rules and smashed Alex over the head with a couple of glass bottles. He was unmasked as Zack Pearlman! He announced that he was taking over the show on Wednesday!

The show was sponsored by Eaglemoss. Alex showed off the action figures me made of Evanne and him the last time Eaglemoss sponsored. Then he showed off Action Alex 2.0 and his new Action Alessandra! He started making them kiss and Alessandra said it was a little weird because she has a boyfriend. Then he played a commercial for his action figures to make them sell better on Ebay.

Alessandra's next Dangerbox was with Corrado's pug Yoko!

TPOTSWIC followed, and during the segment, Alex's next Dangerbox was with Zack's head! Alessandra's next one was with the staff's hair!

Alex showed off some viewer-submitted gifs using KevCap's gun posing from last episode.

Alex's final Dangerbox contained a button, and when he pressed it, Allesandra hit him in the balls with a whiffle bat!

The show closed out with an Urban Pictionary game!

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