"'Do me in the front butt,' she whispers. 'Right in the pooter.'"
The Attack episode 133 aired on 24 February 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann.


Zack Pearlman creepily stalked around the back of the set during the opening teases. Kevin was on mic off screen to give commentary on the show.

Alex and Evanne talked about Orbyt Play the past weekend and showed highlights from the stunts. During one of them, Corrado punched Alex in the crotch, so Alex set up an IRL Duck Hunt stunt for today's show with Corrado as the duck (and Yaniv as the dog). The donation incentive was $500 to play the game, and each $20 after that would be an additional tennis ball shot at Corrado. The incentive was met very quickly and tons more donations came in for more shots.

Alex cut the sound of a frog screaming into Star Wars and Jurrasic Park clips.

Alex and Evanne finally addressed "Shrimps of Passion," the Attack fanfiction by Rylos. Since he didn't finish the 12th and final chapter, Alex had the Gamewisp subscribers finish it one sentence at a time. Kevin narrated as Alex began the chapter for everyone.


Evanne took a moment to talk seriously about the Chun Li's "jiggle physics" in Street Fighter 5. Alex and his unrealistic breasts took issue. Evanne countered with unrealistic breasts of her own and the two had a boob fight!

In The Rundown, Alex and Evanne discussed:

  • The price of the HTC Vive was announced at $799
  • Over 6 million people played The Division beta. Kevin joined them to talk about The Division

Corrado was shot with lots and lots of tennis balls, and was also shocked.

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