"It was like getting stung by a million spicy nacho bees. So that was a miscalculation."
The Attack episode 130 aired on 12 February 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann.

Alex talked about his experience with a sensory deprivation tank.


Alex got hit in the mouth with an egg. Then he egged Evanne's hair for laughing at him. The show was derailed for several minutes until the egg was cleaned up.

Alex announced an emergency AvEPvPHD2k16 competition involving the subjects of (almost) all of the Pile videos that day. They would catch eggs in a basket, bob for nuggets in a tub of barbecue sauce, and put on sweatpants without using their hands.


Corrado carried Alex outside to force feed him energy drinks, Mountain Dew, and some kind of pills to get him ready for the show. Then he dusted him with "makeup" and shot him in the face with Doritos from a leafblower. The Doritos hurt him really badly.

Alex plugged Orbyt Play.


In The Rundown, Alex and Evanne discussed:

  • Assassin's Creed won't be returning in 2016
  • Sega partnered with Sony for a hybrid live action and animated Sonic movie in 2018

TPOTSWIC followed, and the show closed out with the competition. Yaniv officiated and gave the win to Evanne!

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