Alex: "Every once in a while I get a little inspiration from the internet."
Evanne: "Is it all of the dicks?"
The Attack episode 122 aired on 22 January 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann.

Jon Carnage was scheduled to appear, but was stuck in an Uber on the 405 and didn't make it to the studio on time.

Alex accidentally showed a butt crack on stream.


Evanne tried to be sexy but Los shut it down.

Alex unveiled "The Attack Attacks Back Crap Cracking Competition," where Jon was to break 15 copies of Superman 64 and 5 copies of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 with various tools. Evanne insisted everyone wear eye protection, for obvious reasons.

Evanne revealed that she'd voted for McCain in 2008 because her super-Republican dad told her to, but has since changed her views.

Corrado had jockstraps, gay porn, and a blow up doll stuck to himself.


Alex showed a video of several old men falling off of a log, but then Dr. Butts came to their rescue! This was the second time the Dr. Butts character appeared, but the first time he was named.

Alex announced a challenge for Evanne and himself. He brought out an Xbox controller that was modified to deliver electric shocks to the user. One would play through Super Mario Bros. 3 blindfolded while the other directed them while wearing a shock collar. In-game mistakes were punished with shocks. There were lots of mistakes.

In The Rundown, Blythe discussed:

  • Nintendo NX specs rumors (The NX would eventually be renamed the Switch). Alex released his own "rumors."
  • Xbox only sold 99 units in Japan this weekend vs. PS4's 25,000.

TPOTSWIC followed.

Jon never made it, so Alex and Evanne did the game-breaking challenge instead. Games were broken.

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