Evanne: "Was there a poop episode??"
Alex: "Every Friday at 4 o'clock."
The Attack episode 121 aired on 20 January 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann.


Evanne was wearing an eye patch because of her grievous injury on the previous episode. She tried to read the teases at the top of the show, but it didn't go so well.

Alex recapped the moment Evanne's eye got shot out and said that it didn't look so bad, but Evanne said to check the other angle that showed a much bloodier scene. Alex said that the crew came to her rescue and called a doctor. The doctor in question wasn't named during the episode, but we later learned his name was Dr. Butts!

Since AvEPvPHD2k16 didn't come to a satisfactory conclusion, Alex challenged Evanne to a paintball pistol duel if there were $500 in donations. It was met very quickly.

Evanne agreed to show everyone her injured eye, and it turns out there was just a googly eye stuck to it!

Yaniv licked poo off of a lightswitch.


In The Rundown, Blythe discussed:

  • Ubisoft sending a winner to live in a cave for Farcry Primal (Alex offered worse alternatives)
  • Pornhub said the most searched videogame porn of 2015 was Minecraft (Intern Adam simulated Minecraft porn)
  • Valve allowing someone to make an expansion to Half Life 2

The show closed out with the paintball pistol duel. Evanne got her revenge by cheating and shooting Alex in the back.


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