The Attack episode 119 aired on 13 January 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann.

Alex recapped the first challenge of AvEPvPHD2k16 and announced what the second one would be: a Paperboy simulation involving Power Wheels, shock collars, and of course the 3rd person perspective camera rig. The punishment for the loser would be a Twinkie roulette, known as the Stank Twank.

At each $100 donated, a regular Twinkie would be swapped out with one filled with nastiness like cat food or crickets. PanicXMT, Steltek, TheXin1, and Setzer43 each donated $100 immediately! Kevin set the bar at $1000 for Alex to eat the entire squid one, at $1500 Los would eat, and at $2000 KP himself would eat.

In honor of a gross Pile video, Alex invented several "Shartbucks" beverages.


Evanne revealed that she wears a ton of makeup and wanted to show her real face. After she wiped it all off, she looked remarkably like Corrado in a wig! Alex told her he was more attracted to her now, and she had her aggressive way with him before putting her makeup back on to continue the show.


It was time for Alex's Paperboy run. It went... poorly.

Back in the studio, everyone thanked the viewers for sending stuff to the PO Box, including socks for Evanne, more dehydrated marshmallows, and Tenga Eggs!

It was Evanne's turn to do a Paperboy run. It went... even more poorly.

Stank Twanks were consumed by all.

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