"Some people aren't made of popsicle sticks, Evanne."
The Attack episode 118 aired on 11 January 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann. The show was sponsored by Loot Crate. Alex showed off some other box services that he'd come up with: Loot Grate, Suit Crate, Zoot Suit Crate, and Poot Crate.

Alex unveiled a week-long series of physical challenges between him and Evanne: AvEPvPHD2k16. He'd constructed a camera-and-headgear rig that shows the wearer the view as if in a 3rd-person game.

Evanne, Alex, and Kevin discussed their Friday night, where Kevin had tried to hook up Alex and Evanne under a romantic planetarium scene at his house, but they just used a laser pointer to draw dicks on it. Alex claimed Evanne made a move, but she denied it.

Alex tried to play a recut Batman v. Superman trailer, but Yaniv messed up the HDMI cable and ruined it.

Evanne did an impromptu one-woman show and then showed off her Jersey accent.

Alex set up for his AvEPvPHD2k16 run. Corrado was running float cam and was shown briefly on Alex's cam, which was the first time Corrado ever appeared on the show. Alex ran the course and made an average showing at best.


The Rundown Edit

Blythe presented.

Attack Top Knewz Edit

  • Gears of War 4 releasing early, this fall
  • Vive Pre-orders start Feb 29
  • Jupiter IO3 will be a 3G smartphone and a vape pen in one
  • David Brevik stepped down as CEO of Gazillion Entertainment

In Depth Edit

  • David Bowie died :(
  • Left 4 Dead 3 rumored (Alex showed some of his designs for characters)
  • EU forcing Apple to make it easier to switch to Android. An Apple hate-fest followed, which was awesome because Apple is terrible
  • AGDQ earned $1.2 million for cancer research
  • Amplitude is awesome

Evanne took her AvEPvPHD2k16 run and was superior to Alex in every way, because of course she was. She also gave Liz a little smooch and it was adorable. Kevin and Alex made it creepy of course. Alex had to snatch cheese from a mousetrap as a punishment.

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