Kevin: "I've got a balanced breakfast in my fucking scalp!"
The Attack episode 114 ("An Attack Xmas") aired on 16 December 2015. It was hosted by Alex Corea, Evanne Friedmann, and Kevin Pereira. A special precut intro played, where Evanne introduced us to the legend of El Grincho, a luchador with a vendetta against Christmas!

Setzer43, Shimokaji, Steltek, and Icawn were specifically thanked for donating large sums of money that allowed them to make this episode.

Kevin was very interested in what kind of porn Evanne watches, especially after he found out Evanne's parents were watching the show. Alex tried to start an arts and crafts segment, but El Grincho (Zack Pearlman) and his reindeer (Eddie) showed up and ruined it! He switched out his tissue paper and glue for tortillas and beans and brought along a mariachi band! Despite the mayhem, Alex continued to believe that El Grincho isn't real.


The band stayed around and played fanfares for new subscribers! This of course caused a huge sub train. When things died down, they moved on with the show. Because the patrons who donated gave about as much money as a sponsor would have, they told them to send in ads for the hosts to read. They read them for the first time live on stream. Steltek insisted that Los be onscreen in a unicorn costume acting out the actions in his ad.


Alex tried to play a game where they guessed Christmas song lyrics, but El Grincho hijacked it and shot candy at contestants with a leafblower when they guessed wrong. It was rigged, so they always guessed wrong.

Afterwards, Alex was in the middle of propositioning Evanne's mom with his Red Lobster gift cards when he was interrupted by none other than Don Lasagna! He'd come by the studio to show off his recipe for Dong Nog. After Alex and Evanne had sampled some, the show was once again interrupted by El Grincho, and a glass-smashing battle royale ensued! Eventually, Gerard Deparjew jumped in to break up the fight and explained that punching your friends in the dick is the true meaning of Christmas. Feliz Navidad, everyone!


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