"We're gonna make the Uber of drone turkeys."
The Attack episode 106 aired on 25 Nov 2015. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann.

The previous night, Evanne had called herself "The Poop Queen" in Discord while playing Cards Against Humanity with the Community, a nickname that stuck.

The Pile videos included World's Biggest Rubick's Cube Fail, Ping Pong ball trick shots, and a lip biting music video.


Alex and Evanne competed to see who could stack more Kit Kats on Eddie. Then they shot ping pong balls out of their mouths into a hat on Eddie's head. Chef Yaniv Fi-turkey judged a turkey cooking competition between the two. Evanne would have won, but her turkey flew away on a drone. Evanne had to take Eddie to prom because she lost.

The show was sponsored by EA's Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Green Light District featured :

  • Geology Business
  • Fragmental
  • Maze
  • Ragwall
  • Bonsai
  • Wildman

The Rundown Edit

Blythe was out, so Alex and Evanne presented:

  • Steam Autumn Sale is live
  • Amazon passwords leaked so they force reset several passwords
  • Rainbow Six Siege beta delayed

They ended the show with TPOTSWIC.

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