"You got a giggle cum issue?"
The Attack episode 105 aired on 23 November 2015. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann.


Evanne was mad she wasn't invited to Alex and Los' shenanigans this weekend. Morgan Jay appeared as a musical guest to smooth over Evanne and Alex's fight. He invited Evanne to a sex party in song.

Celebrity Chef Don Lasagna appeared and attempted to set up Alex and Evanne by serving them sexually suggestive meals.

Later, Don's brother Ron came to inspect the studio, but it was probably Don in disguise.

We discovered that every time someone says "poop", Evanne laughs.

The Rundown Edit


Blythe presented.

Attack Top Knewz Edit

  • Fallout 4 Beta has a new patch on PC
  • 3rd party dev created an app that allows PS4 games to be streamed on PC
  • Dark Souls 3 will be the final Dark Souls game

In Depth Edit

  • PS4 introducing backwards compatibility for PS2 games
  • Bioshock will continue

Alex played a video of Kevin getting hit in the face with hot dogs. Morgan asked to lick Evanne's butthole in song.

During TPOTSWIC, Alex invited Evanne to a date at Red Lobster. At first, she said yes before turning him down.

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