"Cows are just the worst. They're like living furniture."
The Attack episode 104 aired on 18 November 2015. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Aly Lovelace.

Alex dreamed of a relationship with bread.


Aly and Alex talked about their early experiences with Star Wars Battlefront. Alex discovered that he has the Force while playing. He demonstrated his new powers by trying to pull Star Wars stuff over to the desk, but instead grabbed a dildo and a porn DVD. ' Alex took an anti-nipple stance. Then he translated the show's intro into Hebrew and back to English using Google Translate and Elan Languages to compare them.

Alex and Yaniv competed in blindfolded challenges, the loser of which got shocked. Alex cheated the whole time and Yaniv got shocked several times.

The Rundown Edit

Blythe presented

Attack Top Knewz Edit

  • Halo 5 has free expansion
  • Deus Ex delayed to Aug 2016
  • Battlefront activations not working on Playstation, but there is a fix

In Depth Edit

  • Overwatch Beta opening to more people this weekend
  • Former Uncharted 4 dev defended microtransactions
  • Google adding ability to stream apps on Android phones

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC.

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