Evanne: "We're starting sexual tension."
Alex: "Oh is that what that is? ...I thought I just had indigestion."
The Attack episode 102 aired on 13 November 2015. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Evanne Friedmann.


Because Yaniv was late to work, Alex made him watch content from Efukt and r/Spacediks throughout the episode while we checked in on his reactions. Also Alex and Evanne ate Lucky Charms marshmallows the whole episode.


Alex developed a smart watch that describes the object he's touching, but it kept telling him whether or not he should put the objects in his butt. It also revealed that Alex has saved several pictures of Evanne from Facebook.

Evanne and Alex competed to see who could put more whipped cream in their mouths, and Alex surprisingly lost! Alex was shocked for losing.

The Rundown Edit

Blythe presented

Attack Top Knewz Edit

  • Apple Pay in talks with banks to allow sending money to friends
  • Battlefront Walker Assault is now balanced
  • Nintendo announced several Black Friday bundles and deals

In Depth Edit

  • Steam OS is killing framerates
  • Fallout 4 was the most viewed game on Twitch ever on its first day.

The stream went down for a few minutes

  • Microsoft developed a tool that detects emotions on a picture of a face
  • Nintendo news from Nintendo Direct, including Linkle

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC.

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