"Los, get in there and fuck that Nintendo!"
The Attack episode 1 aired on February 16, 2015. It was hosted by Kevin Pereira and Alex Corea.

The show was conceived as a morning show, and aired Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10AM Pacific.

The stream was very much a proof-of-concept, as a title had not been decided upon and several of the audio and video assets that would be used later on were not ready yet. Despite this, a large number of people subscribed to the channel to show support for Kevin's newest project.

The show closed out with Alex and Los sensually humping an N64.


Videos Edit

  • Ottoman Slow-jamming (00:01:00)
  • Furniture Banging (00:02:00)

The Pile Edit

  1. Virtual Wendy Lets Her Hair Down (00:06:45)
  2. Besiege NSFW Gifs (00:08:30)
  3. Excited Weather Channel Guy (00:11:50)
  4. Peeling an Orange (00:17:27)
  5. The extremes of BMX (00:19:00)
  6. Boston Dynamics: Robots from Hell (00:25:00)
  7. Community Access (00:33:00

The Rundown Edit

  1. The New 3DS

Slipped into the Pile (20 Goal/40 Stretch) Edit

Timecode Name
00:05:26 g4gringo
00:05:26 drau111
00:05:26 xibeatlesineverywayix
00:05:26 eltwig
00:05:26 catalyst75
00:05:26 the merchant
00:05:26 backalaboo (sp?)
00:05:26 sajeer (sp?)
00:05:26 weerthless (sp)
00:05:26 nickpawney (sp?)
00:14:19 jamescam
00:21:17 AphelionXII

Mistakes Edit

YT VOD Timecode Name Message
Preshow Knowonecaresbut $1.69