"Los, get in there and fuck that Nintendo!"
The Attack episode 1 aired on February 16, 2015. It was hosted by Kevin Pereira and Alex Corea.

The show was conceived as a morning show, and aired Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10AM Pacific.

The stream was very much a proof-of-concept, as a title had not been decided upon and several of the audio and video assets that would be used later on were not ready yet. Despite this, a large number of people subscribed to the channel to show support for Kevin's newest project.

The show closed out with Alex and Los sensually humping an N64.


In depth catalog by Largo in progress thru 00:52:00

Videos Edit

  • Ottoman Slow-jamming (00:01:00)
  • Furniture Banging (00:02:00)

The Pile Edit

  1. Virtual Wendy Lets Her Hair Down (00:06:45)
  2. Besiege NSFW Gifs (00:08:30)
  3. Excited Weather Channel Guy (00:11:50)
  4. Peeling an Orange (00:17:27)
  5. The extremes of BMX (00:19:00)
  6. Boston Dynamics: Robots from Hell (00:25:00)
  7. Community Access (00:33:00

The Rundown Edit

  1. The New 3DS

Slipped into the Pile (20 Goal/40 Stretch) Edit

Timecode Name
00:05:26 g4gringo
00:05:26 drau111
00:05:26 xibeatlesineverywayix
00:05:26 eltwig
00:05:26 catalyst75
00:05:26 the merchant
00:05:26 backalaboo (sp?)
00:05:26 sajeer (sp?)
00:05:26 weerthless (sp)
00:05:26 nickpawney (sp?)
00:14:19 jamescam
00:21:17 AphelionXII

Mistakes Edit

YT VOD Timecode Name Message
Preshow Knowonecaresbut $1.69

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