Attack Arcade is a weekly show airing from 4pm - 6pm on The Attack's Twitch channel. It is hosted by Alex Corea with segments hosted by Coral Frederick, Nick Limon, and Joey Thimian. The show encourages chat interaction by distributing points based on activity in Twitch chat. The Top 5 chat members are entered into a raffle at the end of the show to win a prize. There are also unlockable stunts once the sub goal is reached.

Since the show is based on chat interaction Coral is the keeper of the scoreboard calling out the Point Leaders though out the show as well as some of the comments that stand out in chat. The moderators are the agents that award points to chat for the cleverest quips and insights.

This show was created as a way to bring back The Attack with the funds that have been raised with Twitch Subs and Patreon. It is not to replace the flagship show, but to capture the same tone and energy in a more cost effective manor.


Attack Arcade Episodes Edit

Ep Air Date Title Hosts VOD
1 09 Feb 2018 We eat Tide Pods Alex Corea, Sarah Stoecker [x]
2 20 Feb 2018 The Dream Goblin Alex Corea, Caroline Newton [x]
3 01 Mar 2018 Pac-Man IRL Alex Corea, Gina DeVivo [x]
4 07 Mar 2018 Going Tubing Alex Corea, Caroline Newton [x]
5 14 Mar 2018 The DrDisrespect Movie Trailer Premier Alex Corea, Caroline Newton [x]
6 21 Mar 2018 Ice Pants Alex Corea, Caroline Newton [x]