Anna Lore has appeared on The Attack several times as a guest host and was a fan favorite. She has also appeared on Let's Do It On The Table, and cohosted The Attack when it was presented live at Twitchcon 2016.

List of Attack appearances Edit



Air Date


166 1 Jul 2016 The Return of Don Lasagna
169 11 Jul 2016 Camera 5
182 10 Aug 2016 The Amazing Race
184 15 Aug 2016 Marquee Ilepsy
200 5 Oct 2016 Sara Underwood Snapchats Alex

List of LDIOTT appearances Edit



Air Date Game Played
8 11 Aug 2016 The Metagame
9 18 Aug 2016 Forbidden Island
11 8 Sep 2016 Bang!
12 22 Sep 2016 King of Tokyo

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