The Attack Space Services Administration (or A.S.S.A) is a division of The Attack that is concerned with aeronautics and spaceflight. Borrowing heavily from the engineering expertise of Alex's brother Joe Corea, A.S.S.A. has thusfar conducted three missions, all under the designation Attack Space Shuttle For Long-distance Applied Playing, or ASSFLAP.

It's worth noting that although A.S.S.A. is a space administration, thusfar all of its flights have employed weather balloons, which are incapable of reaching the 100km height that is the accepted boundary of space.

ASSFLAP 1.0 Edit

ASSFLAP 1.0 was launched on September 9, 2016 in Attack episode 193: Attack Space Services Administration. The vessel consisted of a styrofoam container hooked to a weather balloon. Inside was Gameboy Advance SP and an Arduino board for controlling it. It was also equipped with two cameras, one radio camera for broadcasting, and one GoPro for HD footage after recovery. The game in the Gameboy was Space Invaders. The game would be controlled on the ground by a modified model airplane remote controller.


The launch proceeded as per expectations, but immediately into the flight it was discovered that the Gameboy's screen was not nearly bright enough to be picked up on camera against the sunlight. At the time, it was widely believed that the Gameboy was not even switched on at time of launch, but later analysis of the footage has disproved this.

Since the game was not visible on stream, the game was unplayable and thus ASSFLAP 1.0 could not fulfill its mission of providing the first Let's Play from space.

ASSFLAP 1.0 was also a failure in another regard. The balloon was not filled with enough helium to rise to the altitude where it would burst and return to earth quickly. Instead, the balloon reached equilibrium and floated for several days. GPS signal was lost when the vessel was above the Pacific ocean, and it was never recovered.

ASSFLAP 2.0 Edit


ASSFLAP 2.0 was launched on October 28, 2016 in Attack episode 209: First Livestream from Space. After the loss of ASSFLAP 1.0, an entirely new craft was constructed. This time with far more shielding against the sun, and using a console with a much brighter screen, the display was clearly visible on camera. Signal was lost early on in the flight, but the crew all joined hands to extend the antenna and signal was restored long enough for Alex and Saige Ryan to play a game of Space Invaders, thus successfully completing the primary mission.

After touchdown, ASSFLAP 2.0 was recovered in the California desert.

ASSFLAP 3.0 Edit


ASSFLAP 3.0 was launched on an undisclosed date. GoPro footage recovered from the vessel was broadcast on a loop on November 24, 2016 (Thanksgiving Day). Following the success of ASSFLAP 2.0, the vessel was repurposed to send a cooked turkey to the stratosphere. The resulting footage was billed as a "Yule Log for Thanksgiving." The entire flight took a little less than two hours. Edited footage is viewable here.

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